2017 October Newsletter

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Source: Bill Stropes

Amy Hess from Aledo has been accepted to participate in the No Barriers Warriors program sponsored by CoBank. CoBank is a cooperative bank serving rural America. Gold Star FS is a customer of CoBank and had the opportunity to nominate a wounded warrior from our area.

The No Barriers Warriors program offers one week expeditions in Colorado that are designed to benefit wound-ed rural veterans. The goal of the program is to develop skills to overcome mental and physi-cal challenges that can be applied to challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.

Amy Hess served 22.5 year in the Army Reserves, Illinois National Guard and Illinois Air National Guard and retired in 2012. She served 1 deployment in Saudi Arabia as a squadron commander. Since, she founded Adonai Community Support Services that serves to assist veterans transitioning from military to civilian life with the goal of providing employment, benefit information and support services.

Amy’s expedition took place September 23-30th. We are looking forward to learning how this expedition benefited her and other wounded warriors. This is a program Gold Star is committed to continuing with in the future with our partnership with CoBank.

Road Hazard Warranty

Through a partnership with our distributors, we are now offering road hazard coverage on car and light truck tires sold at our Aledo and Cambridge tire shop locations. In addition to tire replacement, we will also provide limited tire repairs with this coverage. We offer a complete line of tires from most manufactures including Goodyear, Michelin, Fire-stone, Cooper and Hankook.

Lawn Fertilizer

To ensure a healthy lawn and early green-up in the spring, be sure to apply fall fertilizer in October or November. The application of fertilizer this time of year is critical in ensuring a healthy root system that can survive the winter. Fall is also a great time to spray for weeds for the best control. We have a good supply of lawn fertilizer and weed control products at all of our locations and at River City Turf in Silvis.

New Office

As the calendar turns over to September and most people in agriculture start to think about the fall harvest. At Gold Star, our immediate thoughts turned to a new main office building on the east edge of Cambridge. After some weather and construction delays we were finally able to move in on September 5. The move took place in one day with a slight pause in the day to move the server to the new office. The employees were excited to get to the new office and that made things run very smooth. The new office has more room for the employees that now work in the main office. The new office also has a large meeting room capable of holding 30-40 attendees along with a smaller conference room. The parking lot will remain gravel until next summer to allow the ground to settle. As we settle in to our new digs, please stay safe during this year’s fall season.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 135
Cambridge, IL 61238

Physical Address:
13125 IL Hwy 81
Cambridge, IL 61238

LP Safety

As the cooler months of fall settle in, it’s always a good time to take a few moments to consider your source of winter warmth. LP Safety and precautions should always take a front seat when preparing for the cold Midwest winter that lies ahead. Every October Gold Star FS sends out an LP Safety letter and pamphlet to all of its LP home heat customers as a reminder of what precautions should be taken with an LP system and what to do if you smell gas or otherwise suspect a leak. Your family’s safety is our number one concern and priority. Please make sure that you watch for this important mailing and take a few minutes to read and review it with your family and make sure that you keep it in an accessible location in case you need to refer to it through-out the heating season. A few minutes of your time and attention are very small investments in your family’s safety and com-fort. Please contact your propane delivery driver or salesmen if you have any questions regarding your LP system or to schedule a leak check at no charge.

Cambridge 800-824-3679
Aledo 800-322-1435
Lyndon 800-255-3835
Moline 866-866-2011

Out of Gas Policy Update

When a delivery driver receives a delivery order that does not indicate an out of gas event, but observes the variable liquid level gauge to indicate less than 5% , the delivery driver shall treat the system as an “OUT OF GAS EVENT” unless access to the structure (by an adult) can be made to enable the driver to verify that the system is not out of gas.

A Word from the CEO

Labor Day is behind us for this year. When I woke this morning the thermometer read in the 40’s. My youngest is a couple games into this year’s football season. There is some seed corn being picked already, and yes, the holiday decorations are out in the department stores. The growing season is over, harvest has begun.

Most of the Gold Star territory appears to be in decent shape, with good yields expected. We anticipate, due to the wet spring and some late planting, there will be bit more drying this year than last. But on the bright side, fertilizer prices are the lowest we have seen in a decade or more. And we have fall crop protection programs to help you keep your fields clean, and the weeds under control. Also, if you have not booked your seed yet, visit with your lo-cal Gold Star sales team to get that done, so you can be sure to reserve the seed you want for next spring.

We have just ended our fiscal year. Our performance before taxes on a local income basis improved significantly over last year. We did not have the significantly favorable, one-time tax adjustment this year. Accordingly, our after tax income is down compared to last year. Don’t fear, we will be distributing patronage and DPAD again this year, details to be released soon.

As I said earlier, harvest has begun, so please, be careful out there; product, equipment, and buildings are all replaceable…you are not!