Seed is a basic and vital input for sustained growth in agricultural productivity and production -- ninety percent of the food crops are grown from seed.

Seed treatments are an excellent example of how the seed industry and crop protection industry provide farmers with pioneering tools to meet ongoing food security challenges.

Modern seed treatments can be categorized into two main categories: protectants and growth promoters. Protectants include fungicides used to protect seed and seedlings against fungal pathogens, insecticides to protect against insects, and nematicides to protect against nematodes. Growth promoters affect germination and seedling growth.

Seed treatments have helped to improve the yields of many different crops by providing the protection from pre and post-emergent insects and diseases and insurance of a uniform stand across a wide variety of soil types, cultural practices and environmental conditions.

Seed treatments have played and are still playing a pivotal role in sustainable crop production.


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