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  Sharing Knowledge & Making a Difference

DSC_0188Kenyans have been faced with devastating diseases and malnutrition for many years. After some research, studies have shown that malnutrition was a root cause to many diseases and the lack of economic opportunities for the rural people of Kenya.   

 Farming in Kenya, Africa is one of the sources of income for the people that live there. Kenyan farmers face many challenges on their farms. Many farmers farm 1-5 acre plots. With not a lot of land to raise a large crop, it is critical that the seeds that they plant bring enough yield to support some income and food to feed their families.

Gold Star FS has had the opportunity to build relationships with farmers in Kenya. Our Agronomy Marketing Manager, Nate Pierce, has had the privilege of going to Kenya 3 times to work with these folks to educate them on establishing agriculture cooperatives. Cooperatives can help bring more income to the farmers who raise and sell crops. Sharing knowledge and best practices on environmental stewardship and business perspectives are a few ways of educating Kenyan farmers so they can mentor and train their families to become more efficient and successful. With success and profits from farming, Kenyans are able to get health care, which will help strengthen the rural communities in Kenya. When people are healthy and able to provide food security, economic development and health care; a cooperative can improve the lives of its members.   

 Young Leader Involvement

When it comes to being efficient and profitable in raising crops, there are similar farming practices that Kenyan farmers do like we do in the United States. Some practices such as applying chemicals to fields to clear them of weeds (for higher yields) are common. Many of the Kenyan farmers have not been properly educated on chemical application and safety when using chemicals to control weeds. This has lead us [Gold Star FS] to actively bring education and awareness to the cooperative groups in Kenya, so the lively-hoods of its members can continue to grow and strengthen. Chemical contamination can affect people, animals, plants [non-targeted] and water sources which can seriously cripple the Kenyan society causing devastation.     

Gold Star FS and the Henry County Farm Bureau Young Leaders have made a collaborative effort to educate and outfit some of the members of the Kenyan Cooperatives with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Ideally, not every Kenyan farmer will be supplied PPE. For those that receive PPE, they can spray for themselves and other farmers and help lessen the risk of environmental contamination and bodily exposure now that they are properly equipped and educated. 





Morrell in Kenya 2018

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