What can an Oil Analysis do for you?

  • Minimize the number of oil changes and labor costs
  • Establish safe and proper drain intervals
  • Eliminate unnecessary overhauls
  • Provide a reduction in unforeseen breakdowns
  • Provide support for equipment warranty claims
  • Provide overall maintenance savings
  • Reduce down time
  • Provide longer equipment life
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Storage and Dispensing Equipment 

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It takes a lot of different greases and lubricants to keep today's equipment up and running. The key to doing it efficiently and cost-effectively is matching the best products for the equipment and the application. That's why our Gold Star FS Energy Specialists conduct an on-site assessment to make sure you get just the right products to deliver optimum performance and efficiency of your tractors, trucks, and other equipment.

Product Spotlight


FS All-Purpose Gear Lube GL-5

All applications requiring GL-5 gear lubricant protection including automotive differentials, manual transmissions, final drives, heavy-duty trucks, construction, equipment, farm machinery, and many other industrial applications.

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