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FS AIS is a secure cloud based system powerful enough to handle all data analytic needs of the ever changing on-farm technology.


 High-Tech Tools

Modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data. Making these improvements possible takes collaboration among farmers and researchers across all sectors. Using technology to boost productivity, mitigate crop input costs and improve your bottom line are just a few ways Gold Star FS is embracing precision farming through technology.

Using drones in the agriculture business provides us with imagery we can use to analyze the progress of the crops within the field. The Precision Farming department at Gold Star FS, has taken new technology by storm.

With these new tools and technologies we are able to identify several yield limiting factors such as:

  • Locating weed hot spots to better understand our weed issues
  • Finding plant nutrient deficiencies
  • Discovering disease pressures before the naked eye can see them
  • Creating saturation maps to make better tiling decisions
  • Producing exact plant population and tassel count maps
  • Deploying accurate scouting trips without anymore guessing

The overall goal is to improve crop health and help our growers precisely produce more. Improving yield and reducing as many potential risks as possible are key features in contributing to the profitability of your farming operation.


One thing that farmers have no control over is the weather.  One thing they can control is what they do after the weather.  The Climate Corporation has generated a powerful tool that can track rainfall field by field in an extremely timely fashion.  This also allows farmers to have access to in season field imagery as well as an industry leading nitrogen advisor tool to track nitrogen applications and movement through the growing season.