When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable, peace of mind comes with knowing that you are using the most versatile, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy source possible. Propane offers many options for home heating, including fueling forced-air furnaces and boilers as well as radiant in-floor heating systems, ductless zone heaters, and direct-vent fireplaces. Propane is highly efficient and better for the environment than electric and fuel oil heating options, which means it qualifies for many tax credits and incentives. In fact, propane provides all the advantages of gas heat without the need to access a natural gas pipeline—a perfect scenario for off-the-grid living.
Turf & Landscape Managers
River City Turf™ Professional and Consumer products are among the best in the industry. River City Turf™ seed blends and mixtures for any location and situation. Blankets and mulches that reduce erosion and weed competition, to encourage early growth. A wide variety of River City Turf™ pre-emerge, weed feed, straight N-P-K grades and specialty blends. A full line of turf pesticides to control weeds, insects and plant diseases. Grass seed blends for use in home lawns, sports fields and commericial uses. Seleted for Midwest growing environments and adapted to the region’s wide variety of soil types. Superior quality seed products.
Fleet Owners
Many businesses using fleets of vehicles, or even just one or two light-duty trucks, turn to Gold Star FS for their fuel needs.
Those who are successful look forward, not back. That’s why they turn to FS for next-generation agronomy, energy and grain systems solutions. Our teams utilize the very latest digital technology to provide forward-thinking industry recommendations and data-driven projections, while delivering a breadth of essential products and inputs that point the way to success down the road. At FS, we’re always unearthing new ways to optimize operations, navigate challenges and ensure that our customers are ready…for what’s next.